Euan Preston, Filmmaker, Inside the Large Hadron Collider at CERNI’m an ideas person, a solver of problems, both creative and practical. I have meticulous knowledge of filmmaking craft and the ways that it can be applied to meet the communications needs of organisations.

I create moving-image-based communications for broadcast, government departments and global brands. I regularly write and direct commercials, PR & promotional films, as well as factual and educational content.

I’ve a thorough understanding of the requirements of producers and creative agencies, having spent the first years of my career as a producer with responsibility for the cherished accounts of a top-20 video & digital communications agency . My clients describe me as innovative, professional and easy to work with.

I’ve over a decade and a half’s experience making creative, effective content across a range of platforms, with a particular enthusiasm for (but not limited to) documentary-style filmmaking. I’m told I’m especially good at drawing great content from on-camera interviewees.

In addition to writing and directing, I’ve spent many years developing craft skills in multiple filmmaking disciplines, including camera operation and lighting, editing and motion graphics. My range of skills enables me to fulfil individual roles, but I regularly take responsibility for entire projects, creating films that delight my clients and their customers and, occasionally, win awards.

My work has received recognition from industry bodies such as the Royal Television Society, International Visual Communications Association (EVCOM), Institute of Internal Communications, the British Medical Association and the New York Film and Television Festivals.

I’ve helped my clients create successful work for:

Kind words from colleagues and clients:

“Euan, it has been so great working with you…I was so impressed and the shoot was just very relaxed because of you guys.  You did an amazing job to calm the contributors and got some great content for these films. That’s probably the first time I have ever been on site and not had to prod the Director to get more content!”
Sarah Kelleher, Producer & former Head of Production at Speakeasy Productions Ltd.

“Our film is an outstanding success. Medics and patients alike were immediately at ease working with Euan. I would recommend him without hesitation.”
Kate Farnell MBE, Chair, International Thyroid Cancer Alliance. CEO, Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust.